Welcome to Rock Ministries (NI) Trust website

Welcome to our site. In this site you will find information about what we do, and find ways of contributing to the relief of needy Ugandans and Rwandans.

Rock sponsorclickMinistries (NI) Trust is a Coleraine based “kitchen” charity registered around 20 years ago by Ian & Phyllis Hasson who have travelled to Africa many times and have a real heart for the under-privileged people of Africa, particularly the children. Being a “kitchen” charity, means that the charity has no paid workers and so all the work is carried out on a voluntary basis from the founders’ own home. This obviously saves money and you can be assured that every penny you give goes directly to the work on the ground in Uganda.

Rock Ministries (NI) Trust is currently involved in 3 projects in Uganda, where the organisation works alongside native pastors and administrators. The main aims of the charity are to rescue, house and educate some of the many orphans and under-privileged children and adults in these countries. In many cases, these children are orphaned through the AIDS epidemic and, if it were not for the work of Rock Ministries (NI) Trust, many of them would end up on the streets or being abducted for rebel or other unsavoury purposes. This charity runs programmes in conjunction with native administrators whereby the children are brought into homes where they are fed, clothed, educated but, most of all, loved and given a purpose for their lives. Local widows, single mothers and poor families are also helped to start up little mini-businesses which provide them with some independence, dignity and opportunities for self-sufficiency.

There are resources to be downloaded, opportunities to donate, sponsor a project or a child and much more. This site is regularly changing and user interactivity is always being added. Please take time to browse and discover how we aim to make a real difference for the under-privileged in Uganda.You will discover that there are many ways in which YOU could become involved and so help us to achieve our aim of MAKING A REAL DIFFERENCE. Thank you for visiting our website. We trust that you will find it interesting and challenging.