Kitchen Charities

John Humphreys backs ‘Kitchen Charities’

In an article published in the Daily Mail on 28 May 2005, entitled ”Heroes Who Made Me Weep“, John Humphrys bemoans the corruption in Third World countries and the complex and costly administrative procedures of the larger ”arrogant“ charities.

However, there is, he points out, something that gives him a glimmer of hope – not the billions handed over by the world’s richest countries or the massive reconstruction projects that often end up only enriching Western shareholders – but rather the vast number of tiny charities that exist all over sub-Saharan Africa – many of them inspired and funded by British people, but run almost entirely by locals. They are, he explains, doing an extraordinary job on such a small scale that the world scarcely knows they exist. They have no head office and teams of marketing people; no advertising budgets and professional fundraisers. What they have is the passionate belief that they can make a difference – that a little bit of charity and love go an awfully long way.

“The people who have set up and run these charities restore your faith in human nature”, comments Humphrys. John Humphrys refers to small locally-based charities such as Rock Ministries (NI) Trust as ”kitchen charities“. This is literally what we are. We are staffed by volunteers, having no paid workers. We aim to pass on, in its entirety, any money which you donate to our charity so that it can most effectively help where it is most needed – on the ground, to help with education, medical requirements etc for those who need it most. visit his site