April 2014

Dear friends and supporters

Our recent visit to Uganda was very encouraging despite the heat, the dust and the challenging travelling conditions! It was good to be able to visit our 3 partner organisation and to see the progress being made, although they all continue to work under very difficult circumstances. However, with RMNIT help they are able to improve living conditions for many children and families and we are grateful to all our supporters and sponsors for the support which we receive. Gifts purchased under our Alternative Christmas Gift scheme were once again much appreciated and brought great encouragement to many children and their families. We witnessed how simple gifts such as mosquito nets, bedding, school uniforms, sandals, bibles etc. can bring much blessing to needy people. Thank you for your help with these acts of Christian charity.

Pastor Colin Wylie accompanied us on this trip – a first visit to Uganda for him. This provided him with the opportunity to gain a first-hand insight into the work in which we are involved and hopefully he will now be able to inspire others to get involved in this needy and worthwhile work. Pastor Colin was the principal speaker at conferences over 2 weekends as well as taking the Sunday services. His input was very much appreciated and many were encouraged and blessed by his presentations.

.           1-Dedication_of_1st_Fruits2-001       1-Communion_HGM         1-Colin_ministering_at_HGM-001

Pastor Colin Speaking At The Conferences And Sunday Services, Including A Communion Service

Obviously we have been called to this work which we do in Uganda and we don’t look for any reward but it is always humbling and encouraging to visit the various projects which we support and to receive such warm welcomes. We wish to thank you most sincerely for all the prayerful and financial help provided and for all the sacrifices which you have to make to enable you to continue with your support, especially in these tough economic times. A letter which we received when we visited His Grace Ministries at Butangaala made a real impact on us and, to encourage you, we are printing part of the letter here. It is from David Isabirye, father of Charles Mukungu who heads up the work at this remote village. He says, “I wish to extend my hearty appreciation to RMNIT for what you have been doing for us ever since you met with my son, Charles. Indeed your efforts have brought great impacts to the lives of our people here and many orphans, widows and others have kept smiling all by your care and support. The people of Butangaala will always remember RMNIT. May God reward all your efforts. We shall always keep you and your supporters in our prayers.”

It was our joy to meet a number of young people who are currently undertaking vocational courses such as catering management, electrical engineering, nursing, child care etc. We continue to have a real vision for a vocational college where students from all 3 organisations can learn a skill and so become so much more employable. During our visit we went to see some land where such a college may be established and we are excited about this vision and trust that finances will become available when required.

1-Colin_HDU_1              1-HDU Mary              1-Ronald

Senior Pupils Taking Vocational Courses In Tourism, Electrical Installation And Catering Management

Our visit was tinged with sadness as, for the first time since we began our work in Uganda, two of our sponsored students had died in the previous couple of months. This was sad also for the sponsors of these two children but we were able to meet the families and pass on condolences. It was a really humbling occasion to stand beside the grave of James at his family home in the bush but we were pleased to be able to pray with his family and encourage them. In both cases, the sponsors involved have been very happy to take on the sponsorship of another child in the family and for that we are most grateful.

1-Late_ James's_ grave        1-Comforting_family        1-HGM 3 Sharif, Emmanuel & Michael (late Jas.brothers)

James’s Grave                                          Comforting The Family                          Sharif On Left Now Sponsored

Another humbling experience was when we visited His Grace Ministries at Butangaala for one of the conferences and the Sunday service. After one of the services, the families of most of the children sponsored there lined up to say thank you and present us with gifts such as fruit, vegetables and even chickens! These people who had so little themselves were so happy and so willing to give out of their poverty in order to show their appreciation for the help they were receiving. At this project we were so thrilled to see the progress made in terms of construction of classrooms, the provision of light from a few solar panels plus the provision of much needed water from the recently constructed borehole. Thank you to many who have also helped us to cement floors so as to discourage jiggers getting in through the children’s feet and to others who have helped to provide additional accommodation. Currently, wash rooms for both male and female boarders are being constructed which will be a great blessing.

At Compassion Driven Ministries Pastor Colin had a wonderful opportunity to meet and spend some time with 3 former street boys. They were rescued by Pastor Eddie and are now contributing usefully to various projects being carried out at CDM. This is a real heart-warming story of rescue from a life of petty crime, drugs and rough living to a life filled with meaning and a hope for the future. The boys were delighted to spend some time with Pastor Colin who was able to advise and encourage them.

At Hope and Dignity Uganda we spent an enjoyable afternoon meeting sponsored children and young people and were able to present them all with some gifts such as bed sheets, basins, sugar and eggs which were so much appreciated. The love and appreciation coming from these sponsored children and young people was such a blessing and we only wish we could have bottled it and brought it home to share with the sponsors! To be able to sponsor a child is a real blessing and just to see the difference this can make in their lives is such a joy. To follow a child’s education and eventually their further training is reward in itself when you can see that your sacrifice has made such a real difference. If you have never sponsored a child, please consider the possibility of doing so as it is so rewarding. A small payment of £15 (primary school) or £25 (secondary school) each month can make a real difference for a child in Uganda, providing hope and a future where such opportunities were not formerly possible. If interested, please get in touch with us immediately as we have a waiting list of children who would just love to have a sponsor like you!

1-HDU_Bettinah's_Children       1-Street_boys          1-Peter

HDU Gift Day                           Pastor Eddie Plus 3 Street Boys                   Home Visit To Peter + Gran

It is difficult to provide a detailed outline of our recent visit as we managed to pack so much into our 3 week visit. However, if you or your school or Church would like to learn more, please get in contact and we will be very pleased to come and give a more detailed and illustrated presentation of our trip. There is so much more to tell but we trust that we have given you a flavour of what we experienced. Of course, there is also so much more we could do for these needy people but that takes more support and, more especially, extra finances. Where possible, we would ask you to stand with us and help us to continue to make a real difference and achieve some of the plans and dreams which we have for this wonderful work in Uganda. Remember, to be able to help in any way is a real blessing.

God bless you and thank you for your interest.                               Ian and Phyllis


We would encourage you to join us for our sponsored walk again this year to be held, as usual, at the East Strand, Portrush, starting from 10am. Come and enjoy the walk and the opportunity to meet other supporters and raise much needed finances at the same time. Refreshments will be available as usual at the end of the walk. If you can’t come to Portrush or if the date doesn’t suit you, please feel free to do your own walk when and where it suits you. The money raised this year will go towards providing a security fence around His Grace Primary School, Butangaala in order to provide a safe school environment.